Monday, June 22, 2009

Pictures and the name myklia

So I took a bunch of pictures and then edited them to be internet friendly. One day later I decide to upload them to my Photobucket so I can blog about them. A lot of frog pictures and pictures of the new campground at Harrington Beach State Park. Now it seems the edited pictures have disappeared so I have to redo it. You have no idea how much I hate that process. *sigh* I hope to get them up some time this week.

In the meantime I thought I would give you the story behind the name "myklia". I have always loved unique names and have always wanted to create one. Time and time again I would find whatever name I created already existed. Then I created (or so I thought I did) the name myklia. At the time (somewhere around 1994 to 1996, don't remember exactly) I did not find that the name existed. I thought I finally stumbled onto something. This name has been true and loyal to me for years.

One time though an internet friend in Toronto said that they saw my name on a license plate. This is not someone who would lie to me or play a joke on me and I thought that maybe they got the name from me using it on the web.

Fast forward several years later and I now see on the internet someone that goes by "Myklia G". From what very very little I can learn about her, I suspect it is her real name and she has probably had before I "created" it. I think it could be fun to talk to her and learn how she got the name. Myklia G, if you are out there reading this, feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. Sorry if I accidentally stepped on your name.

There is another name I have gone by and that is "Anika". When I started to DJ at WMSE in Milwaukee I went by the DJ name "Jeanette Rose", my real first and middle name. I didn't want to use my last name because there can be some creepy male (and occasionally female) listeners. I was on early Sunday morning.

There was this druggie who called the DJs before me and me all the time. He would always talk about what drugs he was on and what he had been up to in the week which could involve arrest or rehab. One time he was saying where he lived and it was only a couple of blocks from the station. I was a little freaked out. I thought that this guy is so drugged out that if I change my DJ name he won't realize it is the same DJ, but think a new DJ came on the air. Didn't work though. Fortunately he never tried to find me or meet me. When I was looking for a new name I looked at baby name books (I own them even though I'll likely never have a child because I love to look at all the names, weird, I know) and I came across "Anika" according to this book it was African meaning "beauty beyond reproach" and I felt it described the music I was playing at the time (a lot of ethereal gothic music and Cocteau Twins).

Maybe at some point I'll feel motivated to work on the pictures again. My niece Kimmie was with us and I was going to have a picture taken of my mom, myself, and Kimmie all together, but I forgot. Oh well, maybe next time. I enjoyed having her with us.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A different walk, craft room, yarn

My mom and I went for a run/walk this morning. It was very small. No more than 20 to 30 runners and my mom and I the only two walkers. It was nice (and far too hot). I forgot to take pictures, but it really wasn't picture worthy anyways.

Here is one picture of my craft room. A little music section. I'm thinking I should let the cord from the headphones hang down and then you can see the headphones better. Let me know what you think. I got the album purse from LouraPalmr ( in a swap. That is a vinyl album silkscreened with stars and a headphone image. I have never used it because it is too nice to use. The picture does not do it justice. It is artwork to me. I hope LouraPalmr doesn't mind. Below that is a WMSE calendar (WMSE is the radio station I used to DJ at). How cool.

craft room 6-19-09

I went to Grafton Yarn Store yesterday to look for sock yarn. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I didn't leave empty handed:
yarn 6-19-09 3

All wound up in center pull ball. Night picture and day picture:
yarn 6-19-09 2
yarn 6-19-09 1

Tomorrow, mom, niece and myself will be hiking and checking out a new campground at a state park. Hopefully I'll get some pictures. Gah, then it is back to work on Monday. I think I need another week or two off. :-P

Thursday, June 18, 2009

hair, gift, african music, walk

Suddenly I can think of more pictures I want to take. Oh well, next blog post.

So to start off, I just got my haircut this morning. Have yet another new hairdresser. Have been going to the same place and every time I get a new hairdresser and then request them the next time, they have left the place. Makes me wonder. No matter, I still get great hair cuts there. It isn't exactly as I envisioned in my head, but with the quirks of my hair, I don't think it can be. That said, I am very happy with it. Even a complimentary application of lip gloss afterwards (which of course is already worn off).
hair cut 6-18-09

My friend Nicole is one of the most giving people in the universe. Don't believe me? Look at this:
Roving from Nicole 6-12-2009
This is gorgeous colorful roving used to spin yarn. Something I am going to need to do very soon for a swap partner (but not with this roving). I haven't spun yarn for a really long time (too busy at work and too many other things going on). I totally love this. She sent this out of the blue for no reason. Thanks so much Nicole.

My mom and I went to a free outdoor concert last night at River Rhythms in Downtown Milwaukee. Every Wednesday in Pere Marquette park is a series of free concerts called River Rhythms. Last night we saw Oumar Sagna and Sindoolaa African Music Band. Here are some pictures from the fabulous upbeat show:
River Rhythms 6-17-09 4
River Rhythms 6-17-09 1
River Rhythms 6-17-09 3
They had a dancer there as well as you can see in one of the pictures.

Here is the link for all the pictures in this last week's walk:

These are some of the best pictures yet. You will see my tree, a frog, a deer, and just plain old beauty:
Walk 6-14-09 6
Walk 6-14-09 4
Walk 6-14-09 21
Walk 6-14-09 23
Walk 6-14-09 28
Walk 6-14-09 10

Whew!!! I think I best go and actually get some more work done on my craft room.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brianna's art, loferl, Rapunzel

There are a couple of pictures I forgot to include in my last post (imagine that). This is more artwork for my craft room and it is done by my niece Brianna. I LOVE this artwork and am so happy to have it.

Brianna art 2
Brianna art 1

There is a woman whose family is part of a Bavarian dance group and they lost their last knitter who made these:
loferl 3
loferl 2
loferl 1
I found out it is called a loferl. This is part of a split sock. There is no pattern, but I will be working on figuring it out. This week at work has been mega busy and extra long hours, so I hope I can get some time this weekend to start writing the pattern up. I need to work on these sooner than later so the dance group has them by German Fest. Most of it I am sure I can figure out and I had an epiphany about about the upper part that I was unsure about. My friend Nicole will be helping out as well. This is really exciting and fun. I just wish I could quit my job for a while and work on this.

I did a couple of Rapunzel scarves for the Friends of Craftster Raffle swap. The theme is Fourth of July. My first Rapunzel scarf has a 4th of July wire garland as a part of it. Extremely hard to work with in the scarf and I definitely don't recommend it and I won't be doing it again. On that note, it is cute and did turn out.
FOCR jun 09 3

My second Rapunzel scarf I call my "Fireworks" Rapunzel scarf. It was really meant to be a traditional Rapunzel scarf like the one above (minus wire garland), but with a lot fun fibers and reminiscent of fireworks. However it happend, some of my yarn ended way too early and I ended up with a really long tail at one end. I consider this a very happy accident. It is like a fireworks explosion at one end. How awesome. I don't want to give it away now, but will. LOVE this scarf.
FOCR jun 09 2
FOCR jun 09 1

This definitely gives me inspiration for future Rapunzel scarf designing. I totally love it.

Hopefully next blog will be Saturday or Sunday. Should be having walk on Saturday and take picture of my favorite tree and who knows what treasures will be found at the beach.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Craft room, rummage, GD, Etsy, out w/mom 6-6-09

Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures. No really, a ton of pictures. Now not every picture of the 53 new pictures will be posted here. Go to my Photobucket and look in the albums of Blog Pics, Craft Room, RF truck pull, and walks 2009.

Craft Room & rummage sale finds:
As I mentioned last week, I am collecting frames for artwork/photographs that I have from people. I will be posting all of those pictures.

I received this in a swap. I was sooo excited about it:
craft room 6-6-09 9

This I got from Etsy seller jkldesign. I really love her artwork, this is a print:
craft room 6-6-09 8

These are some photographs that my friend mochaxlight (she follows my blog, you should check out her blog, she is taking photos every day, and unlike me, she is good at it):
craft room 6-6-09 7
craft room 6-6-09 6

These next few photographs are from member rlynn that she sent me in a swap. I love vintage carnivals. This was her first attempt at artsy photos and man does she have some talent.
craft room 6-6-09 5
craft room 6-6-09 4
craft room 6-6-09 3
craft room 6-6-09 2

Now for the rummage sale finds. The first one is related to my art framing project:
craft room 6-6-09 1

Now a note on my framing project. I am not a framer. I tried watching YouTube for mat cutting and all videos were from same source using specialized tools. I think since this is for my funky creative craft room, I will make mats out of card stock and/or watercolor paper. It may take some creativity to make it all work. If anyone has any ideas and/or links for me, please let me know. Thanks.

Other rummage treasures:
rummage 6-6-09 2
rummage 6-6-09 1

One of my recent craft projects are granny daughters for a swap. It is the first round of a granny square:

I scored another Etsy treasury. It will expire Tuesday evening and then the link won't work anymore. I actually tried to take a picture of it on my laptop:
Etsy treasury 6-6-09 2

My mom and I had lunch at a bar and grill in Cedarburg called Mortons. Fab food and some very interesting atmosphere:
Morton Bar & Grill in Cedarburg
We recommend getting one meal for two people. The food was really really good.

We saw a truck pull in the back parking lot of the fitness center we go to. It was young guys vs the old guys:
RF truck pull 3
RF truck pull 6
The old guys won!!! I was kinda routing for the younger guys. Oh well.

Of course mom and I went on our weekly walk. We saw some birds that we weren't exactly sure what they were, but unfortunately the pictures didn't really come out (not a surprise). Of course I have my tree. There were 25 pictures total today (actually more, but I edited out some).
walk 6-6-09 25

Gorgeous trail:
walk 6-6-09 24

Some mystery plants, if you can help identify, we would appreciate it (firts two are same plants, different views to help identify):
walk 6-6-09 14
walk 6-6-09 7
walk 6-6-09 22

A rock in driftwood. So super cool:
walk 6-6-09 4

And because I can't help myself and because this blog isn't just picture heavy enough already, some other favorites:
walk 6-6-09 5
walk 6-6-09 20
walk 6-6-09 17
walk 6-6-09 16
walk 6-6-09 15

Believe it or not, there are still more walk pictures.

One link I have not yet shared because I don't use it all the time is my flickr. Some pictures are public, but many are private. Feel free to contact me if you want to become friends so you can see my private pictures. It is helpful though if I kinda know who you are either in personal life or Craftster (or if I happen to know you from wherever, let me know). If you are family, you will definitely want to do this. There are pics of my nieces and other family members. Some of my other internet friends are still welcome to become a friend. Flickr:

I think that is it for now. Whew!!! I would love to hear from all of you.