Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas, Bill, Power Down

Silly Latisse commercial, I wouldn't pay one cent for some crap to make my eye lashes fuller and longer. Ok anyways....not what this blog is about.

Christmas was good this year. Always better than the cold and snow that accompanies it. I'm sure I am going to forget something, but here goes.

Parents: Knitting book
Sister: While you were Sleeping DVD (and there was something else I can't think of. Um....)
Nieces: Michaels gift cards and Michelle also gave me a beautiful ornament from a German shopping place in Chicago (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture, but I didn't get pictures of everything)
Aunt Sue and Phil: A beautiful ornament and the proceeds help reforest America.
Aunt Carol: $25 (pictured below will be a picture of what I bought).

Paula: Fingerless gloves (you know how long I have been begging for some), cookies, and A Christmas Story Fudge (A Christmas Story was filmed in Cleveland and Paula lives near there and Cleveland has preserved the house and has a museum for the movies and Paula was able to get this for me). I feel like I'm missing something here. I hope not.
Bonnie: A $30 gift certificate for Paradise Fibers. The choices were endless so it was super hard to decide. I have pictures of what I got below.
Jillian: Well we will be exchanging music and poetry throughout the year. I do have something(s) in mind for an actual gift for Christmas and birthday, but I haven't gotten it yet.
Nicole: This girl is generous with me year round. I am not worthy. We haven't gotten together yet, but I am no where near close to doing all for her that I want to. I know one thing though, a carder. I got one half of a carder from my friend Sarah and Nicole miraculously found a matching half. When I get the second half and play with it, that will be a new blog post.

Pictures of stuff from Paula:
From Gizmonic
From Gizmonic
From Gizmonic

Pictures of what I got from Paradise Fibers, roving (to make yarn) and yarn:
From BigBoots
From BigBoots

The artwork I got with money from Aunt Carol (hopefully people don't mind seeing an artful nude)Art by Krystyna81:
money from aunt carol

My parents got themselves a new dog for Christmas. His name is Bill and we love him so much (and I'm not a dog person):
Bill 1

Power Down:
There is a power down movement starting where people are choosing every Saturday to live without TV, Computer, things electronic. The extent people want to do it is completely up to them. I really love this idea as I want to be earth friendly but I haven't done it for the last couple of weeks. It is challenging, I have a hard time living in silence. If I had people to hang out with in person I think it would make it much easier. I thought about learning instruments. I have a couple of guitars and I want a mandolin, but then I quickly realized I usually have a lot of crafting to do so I can't play an instrument and craft at the same time. I think this will be easier in the summertime when I can get out more. I really hate winter. Not really sure what to do for now. If anyone wants to come over and hang out on Saturdays and join me, let me know. I'll be happy to turn off the TV and/or computer and sit and chat, cook, craft. Need people.

Ok, I think that is it for now. Next weekend I have some fun things in store, so more about that afterwords. Yay!!!!


  1. I'll hang out with you! Oh wait-- :) Maybe someday!

    I recommend the fiddle/violin (on eBay they're cheap and perfectly good for a beginner if you get better strings right away).

    I feel the same way, want to learn this or that new thing, want to craft this or that new thing, but I've got lots and lots already planned or in progress, plus the two kids of course keep me on my toes. Anyways, fun fun though. Never a boring moment!

  2. Thanks for sharing my work! Looks like you had a very nice Christmas.

    I's hard to sit in silence sometimes...I'm so used to the kiddos, TV, dog.
    And I have a horrible singing voice, so THAT isn't a possibility either :)

  3. Oh, that was my comment. Blogger didn't think I was logged in, and then I guess figured out I was *after* it posted the comment. Shrug. :)

  4. Oh yea! Your new roving looks like ice cream! (I swear I'll stop commenting now! :) )

  5. Bonnie: How about a viola? I learned violin a very weeeee bit in 8th grade, I would be willing to give that another round too.

    Bonnie and Krystyna: Many people doing power down have spouses/significant others and/or children. They find it as a great way to have a family day. I live by myself. I live in an 8 family apartment building, but I'm not that close to my neighbors, we get along but don't hang out or anything. I know my alcoholic neighbor would love to hang out, but no thank you. I'm out in the burbs, but I want to move back to the city, I'll feel more connected there (I hope).

  6. Family day is every day in my house. My S.O. and I both work at home so I guess that helps make it so.

    I'm more interested in generating our own power. We'll be trying our hands on that sooner or later, once a few other projects are a little more done, and definitely when we get ourselves a desert compound!

  7. We need solar power for apartment dwellers. I wonder if there are solar panels that can hang out your window much the way a planter does.

    Generating your own power is ideal.

  8. It is to bad you don't live closer cause you would be welcome to come and hang out and knit while I do dishes any time!

  9. I am seriously considering moving to Wauwatosa. Has the same rent prices as the East Side but you don't have to pay extra for parking. Though if I can find something affordable on the East Side with free or affordable off street parking that would be ideal. I was thinking of moving late spring/early summer, but I think now maybe September so I can have one more gardening year where I live now since I might not have a gardening space after moving. I'll just play it by ear.

  10. LOL apparently the Latisse shit makes your eyelids dark.

    Yeah, I'm bummed it's cold, too. Last year it was like 70 degrees here. I want to go romp. :(

    That Paradise Fibers stuff looks delicious and squishable. *virtual fondling of fibers* :b I'm being inundated with all this hip, awesome, and new music that might needs to be shared.

    No no no, no viola. There's a war between the violinists and violists, even though we're seriously more awesome. :] I would so hang out with you, too, if I wasn't in a different time zone.

  11. Violinists and violists shouldn't shouldn't be in war, they should be making beautiful music together. :-)

  12. Pah, they're just jealous because we're 5x more awesome.