Sunday, December 13, 2009


Dear god it is here again....winter. All my Facebook friends are probably well sick of my hate of snow by now. I must have some form of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Snow is pretty and all, but I enjoy it much more in pictures than in reality. So lets see...I don't really have any desire to live in Florida, southern California wouldn't be too bad though I'm not sure about earthquakes and wild fires but am sure about beaches and sun, Hawaii would be a dream but I would feel so isolated it would be hard to always want to come back and visit. Where I REALLY want to live is in New York City. Sure there is still cold and snow but I wouldn't need a car so I wouldn't have to drive in the snow. What New York City has going for it is cultural diversity and just all the offerings and activities of a big city. I had always considered myself a half city/half country girl. After living in Cedarburg for four years I realize I am probably 80 to 90% city and 10 to 20% country. The country part of me likes to drive country roads and go camping. Outside of that I really really want to be in the city. I am just not really able to justify the funds to move back to downtown Milwaukee or for that matter New York City. I think I should make a definite goal to visit New York since I have never been there to see what I think of it in person and the reality of living there. Not just be a tourist.

Christmas doesn't depress me so much (whereas winter really depresses me). The most exciting thing this winter will be my parents new greyhound dog, though he may not be there before Christmas (we can always hope). I am not a dog person by any means, but since my parents started researching greyhounds and I have learned more about them, they sound like really great dogs!!! Here is the link to their new dog.

I hope that by no later than this Friday or Saturday to get all my Christmas stuff out. Hopefully sooner. I'm not doing so good at being productive this weekend. I better get with it. :-)


  1. Man, you do not want to live in Southern California. The smog, too many people, too hot, too humid, lack of seasons; it's truly a suburban hellhole. My mom often bugs me to move back down there, but I absolutely do not want to raise my kids there! NYC though, I can completely relate to wanting to move there. Maybe someday I hope, and maybe we'll both be there! xD

    Your parents greyhound is beautiful! I'm totally jealous. (My toddler and I love dogs, but my S.O. doesn't really like any animal.) I've heard great things about greyhounds.

    Anyways, *hug*! Winter Solstice is almost here, so at least the days will be getting longer soon! We still get winter well into May. I don't get SAD, just pissed about driving at night (bad eyesight). I hope your winter doesn't last too long for you. *hug again*


  2. I have been reading up on renting in NYC. I was thinking that a roommate situation might be best, but there are tangles with that which could leave you needing to find a new place ASAP.

    I have been looking at Craigslist to get an idea of rents. I realize that I need to do a ton of research on different neighborhoods. There was a $700 2 bedroom place that looked nice, but you have to wonder what the catch is. It seems studios start at $900. First thing I just really need to learn about the neighborhoods. I want to live in a very culturally diverse neighborhood with lots of ethnic food if possible.

    I hope to see myself and you there someday!!!